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What to expect on first visit

The first session is all around you and your dog feeling emotionally secure and safe.  Though every session is different, in our initial greeting and bonding, we will go over the issues to be worked through in swimming and the goals from the warm water experience. 


Exercise will be a combination of warm water bodywork and active swimming. Swimming gets the dog to use muscles not used on land and the process will need to incorporate rest times with swimming time.  Your dog will gently and slowly engage with Cherie, then to the first step of the pool,  then into the pool.  We will spend time massaging areas of focus initially and on swimming breaks in the pool.  Please know that your best friend will not be asked or forced to do anything they do not want to do.  The prime focus is around your dog being willing and comfortable in the entire session.

We tailor the swim to your dog’s needs on any particular day. Sessions include swimming, floating and holding your dog in relaxing positions in the water to enhance his/her physical, mental and emotional well-being. We also leave time for toweling off and relaxation after the swim.

Although Owners are not in the water with their dog, Owners are encouraged to participate by encouraging their dog and providing support to the swim session.

Important Information

The following conditions are precautions or contraindications to swimming:

Cardiac or Respiratory Dysfunction,


Surface Infections,

Incontinence or Diarrhea,

Open draining wounds or Incisions,


Hypothyroidism or Diabetes.

Warm Paws does not diagnose, or treat diseases, deformities, defects, wounds and injuries or provide mechanical therapy that are restricted to the field of veterinary medicine.  Clients are responsible to provide the swim therapist with the latest medical information, including underlying medical conditions, medications, veterinarian name and contact information, and veterinarian recommendations and limitations for the dog(s) brought to Warm Paws, for canine warm water exercise services. Clients are  ultimately responsible for determining whether the canine warm water exercise services provided by, Warm Paws, LLC,are appropriate for their dog(s).

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