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Waiver Agreement

General Information


Thank you for making a reservation with Warm Paws.  Please read and sign the Terms and Conditions of this Release form.  Bring the Waiver, Client Information and Veterinary Approval forms with you to the first session.

Important information for the first session at Warm Paws:

  • Appointments are for one hour; please arrive early so your dog has the chance to potty.

  • During our appointment, the pool room will be private so that you and your dog can feel safe, and we can be present with each other.

  • DO NOT use topical flea/tick products on your dog within 5 days of your appointment, as these can leach into the pool.

  • Do not feed your dog for 2-3 hours before the swim session.

  • We have towels and dryers available after the session.

  • We have life jackets and harnesses available.  If you have one the dog likes, please feel free to bring it.

  • Dogs MUST be kept on leash and under control when on the premises.

  • Payment methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Terms and Conditions


  1. Please ensure that your dog has relieved him/herself prior to swimming.  If your dog defecates in the pool procedures require closing the pool to drain and clean for a minimum of 24 hours.  Owners may incur a fee if the procedure requires outside services.

  2. Session fees will be charged in full if an appointment is cancelled without a 24-hour notice.

  3. Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as ear, eye or skin infections cannot be allowed in the pool. Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least a 24 hour notice until the condition is clear.

  4. Every care is taken for dogs undergoing warm water swimming sessions and in the maintenance of the water and equipment. Dogs receiving hydrotherapy sessions is at their owner’s risk.

  5. We reserve the right to use photos and video footage taken during sessions or on our premises.

Thanks for submitting!

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