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   How Warm Paws   came to be

  At Warm Paws 

 Warm Paws came to be with my lifelong desire to help dogs.  Robert was our setter with arthritis and looking for help for him I found Cindy Horsfall, pioneer and founder of canine water therapy. I took Cindy's onsite course with amazing results and have not stopped thinking about offering this service. Most importantly, my drive to make a difference in helping dogs and an insatiable love of dogs and the people who love them has driven this service offering to exist in Mooresville NC. Cindy came to Warm Paws for a personal second level training for me, and is engaged to offer classes at Warm Paws to teach others how to provide this wonderful service, and help more dogs.

 My experience working as a Nurses’ Aide in a Geriatric Long Term Care facility was a key learning experience that impacted my heart and mind, and has driven me to working with the geriatric dog. I have worked full time in healthcare as well as in dog training.   I am retired from Medical Sales at this time and Warm Paws is my full time work.  My background and love for my pets motivates me to provide a place where the loved pets of others can find a safe haven supporting wellness.

Contact Information

Cherie Dobish, Owner

316 Commodore Loop, Mooresville NC 28117


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Your dog will find a safe and supervised warm water environment for non-impact exercise to improve canine strength, health and well-being at Warm Paws.  

A focus on relaxation and fitness offers an enjoyable experience for the dogs as well as for their human best friends.

Warm Water Exercise is an alternative to weight bearing exercise using the buoyancy of the water. The buoyancy of the water helps your dogs use muscle they don’t use on land. It helps support and lessens stress on the joints and the dog uses more range of motion in the water.

Dogs with arthritis, mobility issues and general aging are helped at Warm Paws, and we can teach a dog who just needs to learn to swim get ready to go in a pool or lake safely!

Safety of Warm Paws Water

Warm Paws pool water uses both Ozonation and UV sanitation.

Ozonation is useful in swimming pools because it effectively kills and inactivates bacteria, parasites, and viruses. It's also a good oxidizer, which means that it can chemically destroy contaminants in the water. 

Rather than adding it to your pool the same way you add other pool chemicals, ozone sanitizes your pool water within the circulation system. 

An ultraviolet (UV) pool system uses the power of ultraviolet light to enable pool and spa owners to lower the chemical content and eliminate chlorine byproducts, making pools safer, healthier and easier to maintain. UV pools systems destroy pathogens that enter your water and reduce the need for chemicals.  All of the pool water passes through a UV light in the circulation system.
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