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Pet's Name: Brie

Owner's Name: Jan

Overall Experience:: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Try Warm Paws for Dogs in Mooresville! Private sessions for your dog in a warm water pool. Great for aging dogs for therapy swim or any age dog for fun time. We tried it this week for our standard size Golden Doodle and she loved it! Sessions are 30 minutes or one hour and so inexpensive. They treat your pet like royalty. They even rub them down with a warmed terry towel at the end of the session. Nice sitting area for owners if you want to stay and watch. I highly recommend Warm Paws.

Janis Moeller, Mooresville NC

Pet's Name: JORDY

Owner's Name: Dari

Overall Experience:: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reason for score: Jordy is an 8 year Doberman, 148#, and in need of exercise for osteoarthritis and weight.  Having never swum, Cherie took her time and patience to make his experience effective for his needs. The underwater video was a great way to see Jordy's ability to use his joints effectively that would produce good results.

Your Dog’s experience and response after the swim : Jordy acclimated well to the environment and was willing to be in the water and for his return visits. He rested comfortably following his visits.

Suggestions: The program has been thoughtfully developed and continues to grow and adapt to various canine needs. Only suggestion would be to continue to assess and meet changing needs as the program moves forward.

  Dari Probert, Mooresville N.C.


It was such a pleasure meeting you and your trainer, I truly enjoyed the conversation.  Taz was good but tired .  It was a busy day for him between the vet and pool therapy.  I love what you are doing and believe you will help so many pets.  I will pass your information around to friends and neighbors and feel certain you will be super successful as I could tell you love animals and it is your passion.

R. P.,  NC

Overall Experience:: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reason for score: Cherie gives Lucas, my 8 year old border collie, her undivided attention with each and every swim. It is obvious Cherie loves working with Lucas. She is right there in the pool with him and guides him along as he swims and then plays fetch with Lucas using the water toys so that he gets plenty of 'fun' exercise. Every single time Lucas has had a wonderful swimming experience.
Your Dog’s experience and response after the swim : Lucas is just a happy 8 year old 'puppy' and is smiling his dog smile after each and every swim. And what a perfect place for Lucas during the cooler months when he needs the exercise. Lucas is very reluctant to get out of the warm pool water and would swim for hours on end if he could.
Suggestions: The atmosphere and pool is warm and inviting and exceptionally clean. There is nothing that I would change.



       S. S., CO

I have seen a noticeable difference in Izzy since Friday.  She was so relaxed on the way home.  She had more energy that night to play, and her overall demeanor has been much better.  Thanks so  much!  Cannot wait for her to swim again!!

K. H., NC

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