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Why Warm Water Exercise for Dogs?

Physical Benefits

The benefits of swimming and moving in water on the physical body are well known and have been used for centuries. Because of the increased resistance to movement, a 5-minute swim is equivalent to about a 5-mile run. The buoyancy of water supports and lessons stress on the joints, encourages freer movement and provides a safe environment for exercise.


 Cindy Horsfall, pioneer and founder of the Association of Canine Water Therapy, writes:

    A client will seek canine hydrotherapy for reasons that include geriatrics and arthritis, paralysis and other mobility issues, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, injury prevention and rehabilitation, helping obesity, dysplasia, increasing body awareness, balance and coordination, and to just plain help fitness and muscle tone.

 Canine Hydrotherapy: Health Benefits of Swimming for Dogs:

Emotional Benefits

The whole body approach to healing and the importance of the emotions are finally getting recognition in the world of medicine and science. John Hopkins recently released a list of things to do that would help keep cancer from taking hold in the body and this list included trying to live a stress-free life. There are numerous books and studies out now on how our emotions can help create disease in our bodies. The healing potential of immersion in water on the emotional body is profound.


Two sources of emotions are addressed with canine water therapy. One, our canine friend who may be getting older, losing mobility, has become disabled in some fashion, or has some fear or anxiety with daily life, are real concerns. Equally important, we have the dog's guardian - their person who is seeking options for help for their best friend who is in need. The bond that usually exists between a dog and their person can be beyond words, and any pain or disease can bring up fear and emotional pain for the person.

Warm Water exercise helps our dogs deal with

Physical Aging process

Mobility Issues



Recovery after some surgeries*

Recovery after injury *

  *with Veterinary direction and approval 

 ...and provides additional benefits such as

Improved circulation
Improved range of motion
Increased muscle strength


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