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Helping Dogs Heal in Warm Water,
One Dog at a Time 


What We Offer:

Warm Paws gives your dog a safe, relaxing environment to enjoy some exercise, chase a toy or have a treat all with the benefit of being warm and becoming more fit.  Warm water swimming can help our best canine loved ones feel better and work toward a healthier life.

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Jax is a regular at Warm Paws, to get some exercise, fetch toys and have fun!!

A good swim

Lucas is a great swimmer, came to Warm Paws for a fun swim and to chase some toys!!

Meet Jordy, a Doberman who did not swim or like water. He wanted to get some exercise, ease his arthritis and lose a few pounds.  He has been in the pool once a week since March and has lost 10 pounds!  And now he is a good swimmer who likes getting in the pool!!

This is Beau swimming after disc surgery that left him unable to use his back legs. He has been getting water therapy and land exercise and is starting to move those hips!!

A ball to go get in the water
Izzy likes her head out of the water

Izzy does not like to get her head wet so she sports a Hedz UP Pets collar and learned to happily cruise the pool!! 

massage in warm water

Max was the first dog to come to Warm Paws.  A super sweet boy and a great swimmer.

Ear protectors keep Beau's ears dry.

At 4 1/2 months, Dolly is the youngest pup to learn to swim at Warm Paws.  She is going to like lake life!!

Dani is recovering from a spine fracture and comes to Warm Paws to get some movement in warm water.  Stay connected to watch her progress!!!

Dani is starting to overtly move her back legs.  A work in progress, she is diligently swimming twice a week.

   Ahh...resting between swims!

Beau likes being held

Riley swims in a family pool all summer but comes to Warm Paws in the cold weather to expel some energy and chase balls!!

While your dog is enjoying a warm swim you can relax by the pool, enjoy hot coffee, tea or water and peruse "Beautifully Broken" glass creations by Michael Dobish.  Here are some sample pieces. All are one of a kind original art pieces.

Glass 2.jpg
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